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It's now 2016, and this is still the official site for Midwich Entertainment's dinosaur DVDs. 

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A whole generation of kids grew up watching "More Dinosaurs" and "Son of Dinosaurs" on VHS tapes, in classrooms, or on The Disney Channel. The DVD also contains a program making its debut..."The Volcano Show".

So, if you're looking for a little nostalgia, or some wholesome, whimsical, and educational programs for your kids...discover, or rediscover, "More Dinosaurs".


Before Jurassic Park, and even before Barney, there was...

More Dinosaurs

Here are some excerpts from reviews of the original home video release:

More Dinosaurs will captivate everyone! - Child Magazine

More Dinosaurs...is snappily edited and includes a fast mix of live action, movie footage, animation and claymation. Hosted by the onetime stentorian voice-in-residence of "Laugh-In", Gary Owens, and actor Eric Boardman...this is a pleasant combination of education and entertainment. - People Magazine

 One thought at approaching More Dinosaurs might be, how nice, another video for kids about their favorite monsters. But this video, from its suspensful opening, to its hilarious close, is exactly what children's instructional video should be.  How-To-Video magazine 

Here's a portion of the first review of the new More Dinosaurs DVD release:

Nostalgia obviously has a lot to do with why I enjoyed More Dinosaurs so much, but I think there’s more to it than that. The show was a celebration of dinosaurs, both in terms of their scientific identity and their pop culture appeal. That’s something that’s missing from most new documentaries. Brian Switek-DinosaurTracking,  Smithsonian Magazine.com

Here are a few scenes from The Volcano Show, making its premiere on the More Dinosaurs DVD.

Now available:

Postcard-sized (4.25 X 5.5 inch)

"Garyosaurus" Refrigerator Magnet

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